Top Global Brands

PepsiCo offers products to over 200 countries and territories, and our Global Brands are our biggest sellers. These are PepsiCo's flagship food and beverages: our 22 iconic, billion-dollar brands.

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Good For You

At PepsiCo, Good For You means just that: nutritious products that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, nuts, seeds and key nutrients, with limits on sodium, sugar and saturated fat that meet global dietary requirements. These are the foods and beverages that fuel your body, your performance and your lifestyle.

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Better For You

Indulging yourself doesn't have to mean feeling guilty. Our Better For You brands offer snacks baked with lower fat content, snacks with whole grains, and beverages with fewer or zero calories and less added sugar. All you need to do is enjoy.

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Fun For You

Life shouldn't just be lived... it should be savored. PepsiCo Fun For You brands are the food and beverages making life more fun for people around the world.

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